UDF Collections.


DataFu is Linkedin's collection of Pig UDFs, which has become an Apache Incubator project. (http://sna-projects.com/datafu/)



Twitter's library of LZO and/or Protocol Buffer-related Hadoop InputFormats, OutputFormats, Writables, Pig LoadFuncs, HBase miscellanea, etc. The majority of these are in production at Twitter running over data every day.

RPM and Debian packages for Elephant Bird can be found at http://code.google.com/p/hadoop-gpl-packing/



A project to facilitate using Pig with Apache Cassandra. It mostly focuses on tabular data with static column names.

Tools that help run Pig workflows


Amazon Elastic MapReduce makes it easy to launch Pig in interactive or batch mode in AWS. The service supports Pig via AWS Management Console, Command Line Client, and its APIs.



'hamake' utility allows you to automate incremental processing of datasets stored on HDFS using Hadoop tasks written in Java or using PigLatin scripts.

Mortar Data


Mortar Data's platform-as-a-service hosts and executes jobs written in the Mortar framework or in the platform's built-in web interface. Powered in part by Amazon's Elastic MapReduce, Mortar's PaaS provides full code history (backed by GitHub), automatic job scheduling (or running them via API), and emails you about job successes/failures. It also gives you instant feedback while you're coding and executing, so you can quickly find and fix errors and bottlenecks in your code.

Mortar Framework


Mortar is an open source framework for building, organizing, testing, and deploying projects using Pig. Inspired by the project structure of web frameworks like Rails, Mortar makes Pig much easier to work with by providing great utilities, cutting out boilerplate work, and by providing a standard place for your control scripts, Pig code, UDFs, tests, and libraries.



Piglet is a DSL for writing Pig Latin scripts in Ruby. Piglet aims to look like Pig Latin while allowing for things like loops and control of flow that are missing from Pig.



A Python wrapper that helps users manage their Pig processes. It can manage many similar Pig Latin scripts, including running common root scripts and caching the results to be used in generation of the final output scripts. Pig can be run directly from PigPy, allowing users to inspect results of the Pig job and take further actions.

Editor plugins


Emacs Pig Latin Mode


pig-mode is an Emacs major mode for editing Pig scripts. It supports syntax highlighting and indentation for Pig versions 0.2 to 0.11 and is actively maintained.


A simple Emacs mode that highlights Pig Latin syntax. It's very basic, but it does make life more pleasant if you are an Emacs user. Works for Emacs 23.


Syntax highlighting for Pig Latin. Versions exist for Pig 0.11 - 0.15. Included in gedit as of Gnome 3.16.


Pig Editor (web-based)


This web-based Pig Editor based on Hue lets you edit your Pig script with auto completion and syntax highlighting. You can save your scripts and execute them with a single click, directly from your browser. Logs and results are displayed within this one-page app for a better interactivity.

TextMate Plugin


A plugin for the Mac TextMate editor.

Vim Plugin


Provides syntax highlighting for Pig Latin scripts (up to version 0.12).

Snipmate plugin (Snipmate is a Vim plugin for code completion)




CodeMirror 2 Pig Latin Mode

Demo site: http://codemirror.net/mode/pig/index.html
Github project site: http://prasanthj.github.com/pig-codemirror-2/

Javascript based online editor with syntax highlighting for Pig Latin.

Sublime editor plugin



Syntax highlighting and auto complete for Pig 0.15.


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