This is the home of the PEKKO space.


  • We're still a few months away from getting a release done and we do need to start using the Wiki to document processes.
  • To get in touch, use the Pekko dev mailing list
  • Most of the work is happening in Git.
  • We have a stub of the Pekko web site up and running at
    • We still need to add all the Apache copyrights and links
    • Only the docs from the main 'incubator-pekko' repo are there. We will add docs from other repos (eg 'incubator-pekko-http') in time.

Web Pages (Work in Progess)

Latest docs can be found at

There are manually maintained docs at our official site - - these are not updated as often. If anyone has .htaccess experience and wants to set up redirects from this domain to the nightlies domain, that would be great. It covers us at least up until we do a release.

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  1. Welcome to Pekko

    Mailing lists: - Conversations about development and process.  Subscribe by sending email (can be blank) to

    commits@pekko.apache - Commit messages into the codebase.  Subscribe by sending email (can be blank) to