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  • [RANGER-204] - Not able to delete user or group if user/group has any policy defined.
  • [RANGER-218] - LDAP Groups incorrectly labelled internal
  • [RANGER-771] - 4+ Log entries upon login in in X_AUTH_SESS
  • [RANGER-789] - Incorrect policy list paging for non-admin users
  • [RANGER-798] - Handle different timezone issue while saving audit logs to Solr
  • [RANGER-804] - Delete groups associated with User causes Exception in UserSync
  • [RANGER-810] - Audit page should show most recent audit log at the top
  • [RANGER-821] - Audit shutdown hook should not only do its processing interruptibly but also have an upper bound on how long it runs
  • [RANGER-825] - groupId of all ranger pom's should be consistent and follow convention.
  • [RANGER-831] - Single policy update increases policy history version by 2 - gives error to view history
  • [RANGER-834] - Exclude logic is fixed to handle some corner case issues


  • [RANGER-833] - In Ranger UI add support for usernames containing a plus "+" symbol


  • [RANGER-841] - Remove deprecated junit.framework dependencies
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