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  • [RANGER-1951] - build problems with the script
  • [RANGER-2114] - Internal Exception: com.mysql.jdbc.MysqlDataTruncation: Data truncation: Data too long for column 'content' at row 1
  • [RANGER-2152] - Incorrect debugging information in
  • [RANGER-2158] - Performance improvement to REST API call to update policies
  • [RANGER-2160] - 'Email Address' search is not working properly along with other filter in user listing page,userRoles filters also needs to be improved.
  • [RANGER-2161] - Improvement in policy screen permission item's
  • [RANGER-2164] - Ranger to add default altlas policy for rangertagsync user.
  • [RANGER-2165] - Address JPA Cache issue when policies Create, Update and Delete are done via REST API in Apache Ranger admin
  • [RANGER-2166] - A ClassNotFound exception is thrown with atlasrest as a tag source
  • [RANGER-2172] - Good coding practices for unix authentication Service in Ranger
  • [RANGER-2180] - Handle token replacement correctly when token is not defined in the request context
  • [RANGER-2181] - Code Improvement To Follow Best Practices
  • [RANGER-2182] - Handle upgrade scenario since atlas-service def is added with new resources for relationship
  • [RANGER-2183] - Use INodeAttribute information to authorize HDFS access
  • [RANGER-2184] - Update RangerAtlas authorization to authorize add/update/remove of relationships
  • [RANGER-2186] - Increment service-specific policy and tag versions after update transaction is committed
  • [RANGER-2187] - External Group search fails on Ranger UI when installed with postgres
  • [RANGER-2188] - Support multiple threads to build Trie and on-lookup post-setup for Trie nodes
  • [RANGER-2189] - Atlas service default policies should allow relationship operations for all
  • [RANGER-2191] - Update ranger-tool with new options to control Trie
  • [RANGER-2193] - Form validation during testconnection should be consistent with service creation/editing
  • [RANGER-2195] - TagPolicy not working due to failure in updating tag policy version
  • [RANGER-2196] - Ensure that any explicit threads used by Ranger are marked as daemon threads
  • [RANGER-2197] - Delegate Admin is not able to create policy
  • [RANGER-2201] - Log no ranger audits when entityId value is not null or empty string
  • [RANGER-2204] - Ranger Admin's admin log event for changing Audit Logging of a policy doesn't show the actual changes
  • [RANGER-2208] - Code improvement to fetch User/Group information and Service Config details
  • [RANGER-2213] - Tomcat Security Vulnerability Alert. The version of the tomcat for ranger should upgrade to 7.0.90.
  • [RANGER-2215] - Can't copy and paste multiple paths into Ranger Admin UI for HDFS create policy
  • [RANGER-2230] - Update Atlas version to 1.1.0

New Feature

  • [RANGER-2153] - Supply the function of reverting policy history version.


  • [RANGER-2157] - Add NiFi Registry service definition and NiFiRegistryClient
  • [RANGER-2162] - Upgrade c3p0 libraries
  • [RANGER-2168] - Add service admin user through service config
  • [RANGER-2169] - Create unique index on service and name column of x_policy table
  • [RANGER-2173] - Optimize Trie constuction and Policy lookup
  • [RANGER-2177] - Handle validations for duplicate configuration item during service create/edit
  • [RANGER-2212] - Add multiple urls tips for the ‘Kylin URL’ configuration item when creating the kylin-plugin service
  • [RANGER-2214] - Do some code improvement for the error message for
  • [RANGER-2218] - Service-Definition update should not allow updates to names of resources, access-types, conditions or data-masks


  • [RANGER-2150] - Unit test coverage for XUserMgr and UserMgr class
  • [RANGER-2171] - Unit Test cases to cover policy operations from service admin user


  • [RANGER-2167] - Upgrade to Apache parent pom version 20
  • [RANGER-2198] - Remove deprecated client API from HBase plugin
  • [RANGER-2226] - Define explicit (test) dependency on json-smart in the Knox agent
  • [RANGER-2228] - Release Ranger 1.2.0
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