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  • A new feature added in Ranger, under Audit → Access Tab as part of implementation done for RANGER-1963 in 1.0.0 release. Whenever Ranger Hive Plugin is enabled and Hive query is executed from beeline, that query will get recorded along with the ranger audit event and end users will be able to see the query on Ranger UI → Audit → Access tab for hive audit events.

How to use ? 

  • This feature will be showing the hive queries on ranger audit access tab by default.

  • When hive is configured with ranger as an authorizer, ranger user will be able to see the hive queries executed on  Audit → Access tab.

  • For hive access audits, small icon is shown on resource column of access audit tab.

    • If user clicks on that icon, then actual query executed will be shown on the popup.

    • User can copy the query using a small copy button provided in popup.

    • Ranger access audit for hive

    • If user wishes not to show queries on ranger audit access tab,one can set following property as false:

      • ranger.audit.hive.query.visibility

New properties introduced

  •  One new property has been introduced in ranger-admin-site.xml file to enable or disable feature of showing Hive Queries in audit events.
Note : By default, this property will be set as true.

Reference JIRA

Config change via Ambari

  •  If Ranger is installed via Ambari, you can add this property in custom Ranger Admin Site section of configurations for Ranger:

    • ranger.audit.hive.query.visibility=true


  • If there is any confusion or Hive query related icon is not visible on Ranger UI, please verify that value of ranger.audit.hive.query.visibility property is set as true in ranger-admin-site.xml.




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