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Dave Johnson


Roller 5.0 is a major new release of Roller that includes new features for media blogging as well as OpenID, OAuth and OpenSearch support.

Features to be included

Proposed new features

  • Proposal Media Blogging Support - better management of media file uploads, easier way to browse and blog photos. Supports thumbnail creation and storage of metadata for each uplaoded file. Uploaded files can be optionally include in a new media file Atom/RSS feed.
  • Proposal Externalize User And Permissions Management - make it possible to externalize user and permissions management so that Roller can pull user profile and permissions information from a separate user management system. Also makes it possible to configure Roller for plain old Servlet Authentication (i.e. no Spring Security).
  • Proposal OpenID Support - support three login options: 1) Roller accounts, 2) OpenID accounts or 3) allow both. Implemented via Spring Security's OpenID support and will work only if Roller is configured to use Spring Security (the default setting).
  • Proposal Tag Data API - add a simple RESTful web services interface that returns statistic about tag usage in XML using Atom protocol categories format (XML).
  • Proposal OpenSearch - provide a search API for Roller by adding 1) an OpenSearch descriptor support and b) OpenSearch tags in our search feeds.
  • OAuth for AtomPub - support 2-legged OAuth authentication for AtomPub web services interface.
  • Upgrade all dependencies - upgrade to latest versions of OpenJPA, Struts, and other major dependencies.

Issues to be addressed

  • See JIRA roadmap for list of bug fixes to be included in this release


Please comment on the Roller-dev mailing list.

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