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  • Proposal Roller 4.0 Release
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Proposal under development

Target Release


Original Authors

Dave Johnson


Major release to modernize infrastructure with Java 5, JPA and Struts 2. Also includes new theme management and easy-install features.


Upgrade dependencies, switch to new back-end, improve blog customization and introduce other new features.

  • Introduce new ASF-license-compatible persistence framework. Replace our existing Hibernate based Roller back-end with one based on Apache OpenJPA. Drop Hibernate from the Roller distribution (but keep it in SVN until everybody has transitioned away from it).
  • Upgrade to Struts 2. The Roller UI needs significant improvement and modernization and by upgrading to Struts 2 if will be easier for us to meet the higher standards that are expected of "Web 2.0" web applications.
  • Introduce requirement for Java SE 5. We've been stuck on Java 1.4.2 for a long time now, there are significant improvements in Java SE 5 and the libraries that we depend on are starting to take advantage of those improvements (i.e. Struts annotations and ROME)


  • New JPA based backend follows same design as old Hibernate backend
  • New Struts 2 UI architecture is summarize in Allen's Struts2 Migration guide
  • See individual proposals for design information.

Proposals implemented


Please comment on the Roller-dev mailing list.

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