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Plugins listed here were bundled with Struts 2, they are now officially supported by Struts Community. You can find more details about given plugin in Struts 2 Documentation Plugin Developers Guide.

  • REST Pluginprovides tools to build RESTful applications
  • Config Browser Plugina simple tool to help view your Struts configuration at runtime
  • Convention Plugina code by convention and component plugin similar to the Codebehind and Zero-config plugins
  • DWR Pluginprovides integration with the Ajax framework Direct Web Remoting
  • Embedded JSP Pluginallows you to use JSPs from the classpath (from jar files)
  • JasperReports Pluginenables Actions to return reports through JasperReports
  • Java Templates Plugin
  • JFreeChart Pluginallows Actions to easily return generated charts and graphs
  • JSF Pluginprovides support for JavaServer Faces components with no additional configuration
  • JSON Pluginprovides a "json" result type that serializes actions into JSON
  • JUnit Pluginprovides integration with the popular JUnit unit testing framework
  • OSGi Pluginprovides support for starting an instance of Apache Felix inside a web application, and scanning installed bundles for Struts configuration
  • OVal Plugin
  • Pell Multipart Plugin
  • Plexus Pluginenables Struts Actions, Interceptors, and Results to be created and injected by Plexus
  • Portlet Pluginis used for developing JSR168 portlets using Struts 2
  • SiteGraph Plugingenerates graphical diagrams representing the flow of your web application
  • Sitemesh Pluginallows Sitemesh templates to access Struts information
  • SmartURLs plugin
  • Spring Pluginallows Actions, Interceptors, and Results to be created and/or autowired by Spring
  • Struts 1 Pluginallows you to use existing Struts 1 Actions and ActionForms in Struts 2 applications
  • TestNG Pluginprovides integration with the popular TestNG unit testing framework
  • Tiles Pluginallows actions to return Tiles pages
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