Convention Plugin


Apache Software Foundation


Open Source (ASL2)


Bundled with Struts from 2.1 on


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The Convention is a code by convention and component plugin similar to the Codebehind and Zero-config plugins.


The Convention Plugin provides the following features:

  • Action location by package naming conventions
  • Result (JSP, FreeMarker, etc) location by naming conventions
  • Class name to URL naming convention
  • Package name to namespace convention
  • SEO compliant URLs (i.e. my-action rather than MyAction)
  • Action name overrides using annotations
  • Interceptor overrides using annotations
  • Namespace overrides using annotations
  • XWork package overrides using annotations
  • Default action and result handling (i.e. /products will try com.example.actions.Products as well as com.example.actions.products.Index)

The Convention Plugin should require no configuration to use. Many of the conventions can be controlled using configuration properties and many of the classes can be extended or overridden.

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