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Apache XML Security for C++ 1.3.0 release notes

  • Implemented algorithm handlers for the digital signature classes, to provide algorithm extensibility Committed by BL.
  • Initial import of beta NSS crypto support Committed by MT.
  • Complete implementation of XKMS message set Committed by BL.
  • Methods to allow loading of encrypted data without doing decrypt and to process a decrypt/encrypt operation without replacing the original nodes Committed by BL.
  • Provide MS VC++ 2005 project files Committed by BL.
  • Performance improvements in canonicalisation Committed by BL.
  • Fix memory leaks in OpenSSL wrapping code Committed by BL.
  • Provide some stability if the Apache keystore is corrupted under Windows. Committed by BL.
  • Fix bug when encrypting small input docs Committed by BL.
  • Update signature classes to pass in requested algorithms as URIs rather than enums. Enum based methods are now deprecated. Committed by BL.
  • Provide ability for calling application to define whether references are interlocking. Committed by BL.
  • Implement checks for broken OpenSSL support under Solaris 10 Committed by BL.
  • Add --with-xalan, --with-openssl, --with-xerces and --enable-warnerror flags in configure Committed by BL.
  • Configure now detects if Xalan is installed rather than having XALANCROOT being a pointer to the compile directory Committed by BL.
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