## Description:

 Sentry is a highly modular system for providing fine grained role

based authorization to both data and metadata stored on an Apache Hadoop


## Issues:

Waiting for Infra to give committers/PMCs website permissions


## Activity: 

Community is doing post graduation activities: Moved most of the infrastructure. Roster, LDAP and board documents are upto date. New PMCs are subscribing to private@. Final website/wiki edits pending.

Conferences/ BlogPosts: Community was part of the Hadoop security tutorial at Strata covering Authorization in Hadoop. We also did a blogpost on Apache post graduation summarizing the community and project developments.

Development: Following are the major buckets of work going on in the community:

Kafka integration

Improvements to HDFS Sentry sync

Hive Auth V2

Solr Integration improvements

Refactoring to make integrations easy and quick.

Quality improvements: Bug fixes, test improvements.


## Health report: 

 There has been an increase in overall activity: Subscribers, Email traffic, Jiras.


## PMC changes:  

 - Currently 31 PMC members. 

 - 9 committers have joined PMC during graduation last month along with 22 PPMCs.


## Committer base changes: 

 - Currently 31 committers. 

 - No changes (the PMC was established in the last 3 months) 

## Releases: 

1.6.0 incubating release was made on Sep 21, 2015

Community is preparing for 1.7.0 release with a new RM.


## Mailing list activity:   

New mailing list issues@ has been created for jira traffic.


 - dev@sentry.apache.org:  

    - 80 subscribers (up 3 in the last 3 months): 

    - 651 emails sent to list (407 in previous quarter) 


 - issues@sentry.apache.org:  

    - 9 subscribers (up 9 in the last 3 months): 

    - 100 emails sent to list (0 in previous quarter) 


## JIRA activity: 

 - 179 JIRA tickets created in the last 3 months 

 - 113 JIRA tickets closed/resolved in the last 3 months 

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