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(Note: This list is manually generated using "

mvn clean dependency:list -DexcludeTransitive=true > dependencies", we should automate this process. See  SENTRY-1025 - Getting issue details... STATUS )


Apache Ant (AL)

CGlib (AL)

Guava (AL)

Jolbox (AL)

Commons CLI (AL)

Commons Lang (AL)

Commons logging (AL)

Metrics (AL)


Joda-time (AL)

Log4j (AL)

Apache Commons (AL)

Apache Curator (AL)

Apache Derby (AL)

Apache Hadoop (AL)

Apache Hive (AL)

Apache Pig (AL)

Apache Shiro (AL)

Apache Solr (AL)

Apache Sqoop (AL)

Apache Thrift (AL)

Apache Zookeeper (AL)

Datanucleus (AL)

Easytesting (AL)

Objenesis (AL)

Eclipse Jetty (AL) dual:

Easymock (MIT)

Mockito (MIT)

Slf4j (MIT)

Hamcrest (BSD)

Junit (Eclipse)

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