Responsibilities of a committer:

  • Get familiar with committer guides and resources at ApacheNew committers guidedev resources
  • Subscribe to project mailing lists
  • Keep website, wiki upto date along with continued contributions to the project.

Responsibilities of a PPMC:

  • Please refer to the Apache PPMC guide
  • PPMC responsibilities include responsibilities of committers( see above)
  • Subscribe to 
  • Board reports: PMC will prepare the board report
    • Care should be taken to submit these on time - recommended to send at least 1 week before board meeting
    • Schedule for 2016: April, May, June, September, December
    • 2017 and further: April, June, September, December
    • Guide on what to report:
  • Propose new committers/PPMC and once elected direct the candidate to appropriate resources.


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