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  • Sentry Incubator Status Report December 2013
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 Sentry is a highly modular system for providing fine grained role based
 authorization to both data and metadata stored on an Apache Hadoop cluster.
 Sentry has been incubating since 2013-08-08.
 Three most important issues to address in the move towards graduation:
   1. Build community and add new committers
   2. Continue to release at regular intervals
 Any issues that the Incubator PMC (IPMC) or ASF Board wish/need to be
 aware of?
 How has the community developed since the last report?
   Community development continues. Sentry held its first key signing meetup
   for committers. A number of committers participated.
 How has the project developed since the last report?
   A number of new JIRAs have been filed and are being actively worked on.
   Support for Solr index level authorization is complete and available on
   trunk.  A new test framework to run hive integration tests on a real
   cluster is available as well.
 Date of last release:
 When were the last committers or PMC members elected?
   Last committers and PMC members were elected when the project entered


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