h1. Apache Shale Wiki |[Shale Home|http://shale.apache.org/]|[Wiki Home|Home]|[User Docs|UserDocs]|[Index|SiteMap]|[Guidelines|WikiGuidelines]|{link-to:@parent}Go Up{link-to}|[About]| ---- h2. Welcome to the Shale Wiki This is the *_home_* for the *Shale Wiki Pages*. If you want to add/edit pages on this wiki please take time to read the [Shale Wiki Guidelines|Home WikiGuidelines] first. The Shale Wiki is under construction! At this time, most of the content is still on the Struts Wiki: http://wiki.apache.org/struts/Shale h3. Logo Contest * [Shale logo contest|LogoContest] \\ h3. User Documentation * [User Documentation|UserDoc] \\ h3. Tutorials * [Using Tomahwak components in Clay|UsingTomahawkComponents] * [Shale and Clay starter|ShaleAndClayTutorial] * [Creating Clay Components|CreatingClayComponents] * [Creating reusable Clay components and distribute them as jar files|ReusableClayJars] \\ h3. Project Maintenance * [MavenBuild] * [MavenConfig] * [SubversionRepo] * [SubversionConfig] * [ContinuumSetup] \\ h3. Release Planning * [ReleaseGuidelines] * [ReleasePlans] * [ReleaseProcess] \\ h3. Features Whiteboard Pages * [DialogManagerFeature] \\ h3. Shale And Other JSF libraries * [Shale And ADF|ShaleAndADF]
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