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What's the relationship between Shindig versions and OpenSocial spec versions?

There was a recent post on the mailing list that discussed this relationship. These will match what you would find in the SVN. For convenience, here's a quick table summary.

How do I verify the OpenSocial compliance of Shindig?

Call mvn -Prun on the 1.0.x-incubating branch and open in your favourite browser http://localhost:8080/gadgets/files/samplecontainer/samplecontainer.html.
Specify to verify the compliance tests in Shindig.

What do I need to do to integrate shindig into my site?

See The rough guide to deploying shindig. It's very barebones right now, but hopefully can get you started.

How can I display a gadget in my web page?

This how to shows the integration of a gadget in a web page Display a gadget in a web page.

How do I generate the iframe urls manually?

See iframe url format

With Tomcat, how to use Shindig as a non-root application?

If you are using a non-root context like /shindig you want to edit your /java/common/conf/ file.
Edit to equal to your new path

What are the inputs and outputs of the Shindig metadata call?

See Shindig's metadata call.

How to access the console for gadgets.log?

Firefox: Firebug:
IE7: CompanionJS:
IE8: Tools->Developer Tools, use the Script tab
Safari 3 & 4: Edit->Preferences; Advanced; Select "Show Develop menu in menu bar"; Develop->Show Error Console
Opera 9/10: Out of luck till Shindig gets fixed, seems window.opera.postError is the logging call

How I can include Shindig in my web-app?

You can get a start point reading the How use shindig out of the box tutorial.

Database & Shindig

How can I provide my own implementation of the data services (no database)?

First, it's helpful to have an overview of Shindig's architecture. Dave put a great post on his blog, so start by reviewing that. (Hey Dave, would you consider moving your post over to this wiki?) Notice in step 5, you get to the three data services, PersonService, ActivityService, and AppDataService. From there, you can check out Harry's instructions on Providing your own data service implementation.

How do I integrate a relational database with Shindig (MySQL example)?

The following tutorial explains how to do that (tutorial).
If you want to understand how JPASocialModule provides implementations of PersonService, AppDateService, etc.
look at the instructions in the previous section.

How can I integrate my own social database schema with shindig (MySQL example)?

The following tutorial explains how to do that (tutorial).
This tutorial requires the knowledge of the above tutorial: Relational database integration.

How do I integrate a relational database with Shindig (deprecated)?

(lightbulb) Chris Schalk did an article on data integration some time ago. On a recent mail exchange on shindig-dev, he recognized this probably needs to be updated. Hopefully, we can update that information on this wiki on the new Shindig Data Integration Development Guide page.

Security & Shindig

How do I enable OAuth in Shindig?

Rodrigo Gallardo has started a the Enabling OAuth support page. Check it out for details.

Security Tokens?

Visit this page for information about shindig security tokens.

How do I enable domain locking in Shindig?

The Locked Domains page describes how Locked Domains work in Shindig and how the behavior can be customized.

Setting up an Eclipse Development Environment

Instructions on how to setup your development environment can be found here.

How do I manage Shindig?

How do I use JMX with Shindig?

With Jetty, you need to set and call mvn -Prun. After this, you could use jconsole as usually.

Adding Features to Shindig

How do I add a new feature to Shindig?

This series of pages walks through adding a feature to Shindig and then adds an osapi service and then connects the osapi service into the feature.

Caching in Shindig

Table of Shindig's Caches (In Progress)


Additional Resources

OpenSocial external resources

Here is the list of OpenSocial external links:

  • Partuza: A Shindig based example social network site
  • Socialsite: socialsite: Open Source Social Networking Server with OpenSocial Support
    On 02/02/11 17:46, Paul Lindner wrote:
    > Right now SocialSite is stuck in Oracle/Sun legal limbo which has caused the
    > community around it to disperse.  Sad really.
  • raya: .NET port of Partuza
  • osec: The MITRE Corporation's light-weight, enterprise OpenSocial container. There is the intent to become an Apache Incubator project shortly.
  • Eureka Streams: Eureka Streams is a free, open source enterprise social networking platform developed by Lockheed Martin.
  • Katari: Katari is a java based software platform that will help you develop web applications faster. It is a modular platform, that includes a shindig module and a gadget container module.

Other OpenSocial implementations

Here is the list of other OpenSocial container implementations:

Articles on Shindig





Thesis about implementing the OpenSocial API into an existing social network. Written in German


Harry Hübner

June 2009

Shindig for Blogs & Wikis


Dave Johnson

March 2009

OpenSocial a Standard for the social web slideshare PDF


Patrick Chanezon

March 2009

Google Gadgets & Shindig RPC Enlightment


Arnaud Bailly

Feb. 2009

SocialSite - Architectural Overview


Rajdeep Dua

Jan. 2009

Empowering the social web with Apache Shindig


Henning Schmiedehausen

Nov. 2008

Shindig Architectural Overview


Rajdeep Dua

Nov. 2008

Apache Shindig Pushes Social Envelope

Article Alley

Kevin Burbank

Oct. 2008

Setting up Shindig on Windows


Chris Chabot

Oct. 2008

How the Shindig REST API works (Java version)


Dave Johnson

Sept. 2008

Shindig : An Architectural Overview (PHP Version)


Rajdeep Dua

Aug. 2008

Overview of REST Implementation in Shindig - (Java Version)

Google Sites

Rajdeep Dua

June 2008

Architectural Overview of Shindig , an OpenSocial Reference Implementation

Google Sites

Anash P. Oommen

June 2008

Shindig on PHP - Setting up a Debug Environment

Google Sites

Anash P. Oommen

June 2008

Google I/O 2008 - Apache Shindig


Dan Peterson, Paul Lindner and Chris Chabot

June 2008

OpenSocial: The Power of Social Networks in Your Applications


Riccardo Govoni

May 2008

Architectural Overview of Shindig , an OpenSocial Reference Implementation


Rajdeep Dua

May 2008

Shindig Data Integration Development Guide


Chris Schalk

May 2008

Make Your Site an OpenSocial Container Using Shindig


Chris Schalk Chris Chabot

May 2008

How to create and run your own Shindig



March 2008

Shindig Architecture: Java Gadget Classes
Shindig Architecture: Java Gadget Server 2 - Servlets
Shindig Architecture: Java gadget Server 3 - Util


Michael Mahemoff

Feb. 2008

Shindig Examples

Design Documents

OAuth Proxy compatibility with fix for OAuth session fixation attack

Arbitrary Extensions to Apache Shindig's Data Model

OAuth 2.0 Service Provider Implementation in Apache Shindig

Shindig Site

Shindig CMS Site

Shindig Board Reports

Board Reports

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  1. How can I create a shindig project with MyEclipse6.5 or above? MyEclipse has maven2 plugin and myEclipse can create a java maven project.When I create a java maven project,I copy common package,gadgets package,server package,social-api package to my project.How can I deal with pom.xml?