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Apache Shindig Logo Contest

Now that the Shindig project has a new space for its documentation, we need a new logo! We thought it was a great idea to make this into a contest.

This contest will help us to find 2 kinds of logos:

  • a "project" logo
  • a "powered by" logo.

Essentially, the judges that make the final decision will be the Shindig committers with the community feedbacks. There's no special criteria or secret sauce that the judges use to pick one design over the other.

So, join us on the dev mailing list and help us to decide on the best logo from those submitted there, or, if you feel a little creative, submit your own design!

The winner will need to sign an ASF Contributor License Agreeement and provide the "source code" for the images (most likely the original layered PhotoShop/GIMP/Illustrator/SVG files from which the submitted image was created.)

Thank you and good luck!

Logo Criteria

  • Submissions must include in this page a usable web version (PNG preferred) but be prepared to provide a high-res, printable version of that logo (SVG/PSD...)
  • The logo will be used to promote Apache Shindig and should evoke the overall Apache Software Foundation brand (community-centric open source development, delivering the highest quality, standards compliant software). Typically, the logo could incorporated the ASF feather.
  • The logo should not incorporate images that are exclusively specific to Native American culture. However, symbols that have broad or multiple meanings are acceptable in evoking a Native American theme. Thus, a feather, which has many possible applications, would be appropriate, but a headdress would not be.
  • The logo should not incorporate any overt cultural or religious symbolism
  • The logo may incorporate other imagery, abstract symbols or a catchphrase, so long as the full project name is included somewhere in the logo. To this extent, the full project name can be displayed in a smaller font size than the main image, if there exists a main image
  • The logo must reflect the values of the community
  • The logo must adapt well to electronic and print media, to reproduction on small surfaces, and to use in color or in grayscale.

NOTE - Submissions that do not meet the above criteria will not be considered for voting. If there is any confusion if your submission is valid, feel free to post a message to the dev mailing list.

Process & Legal Guidelines

  • Acknowledgment to the winning entry will be provided on the project web site at http://incubator.apache.org/shindig
  • The Shindig PMC or the Apache Software Foundation reserves the right to select no winning entry, if it deems that the submissions do not meet the needs of the organization
  • If the Logo is selected, the contributor must assign all rights to the selected images to the Apache Software Foundation (i.e. ASF Contributor License Agreeement)
  • Logo must be free of any copyright or any other intellectual property claims
  • Logo must not incorporate or extend existing trademarks of other companies
  • Entries are accepted from everyone, and you can submit as many entries as you like.
  • The submission will be done on this wiki page (i.e. http://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/SHINDIG/Logo+Contest).
  • The vote to select the winner will be done on the dev mailing list.

Time Line

  • Submitting your idea... until April 20th 2009
  • Selecting the winner... until April 23th 2009 (next 72h)

These deadlines may be extended as needed.


To submit your design, simply create a logo image and add it to this wiki page along with your name and email address. To upload and display your images, you must login (create a new account if you don't already have one), then choose "attachments" from the "More actions" select list, upload your files (give them a unique name) and then edit this page and follow the example below.
When you attach your logo, you must specify if you grant a license to the ASF.


The Apache Software Foundation will not (in any official capacity) be providing prizes other than credit on the Shindig Website, however the Shindig community is free to offer prizes.

Discussion and Questions

You don't find your responses here? You have more questions about this Logo contest? Feel free to contact us on the dev mailing list.

Apache Shindig Logo Proposal


Author Contact


Logo Type

ASF Granted License


Vincent Siveton vsiveton@apache.org




Vincent Siveton vsiveton@apache.org




Vincent Siveton vsiveton@apache.org




Ben Smith ben.thesmith@gmail.com




Vincent Siveton vsiveton@apache.org




Arne Roomann-Kurrik api.kurrik@google.com




Impetus Infotech ram.sharma@impetus.co.in



Note: The logo type should be "Project" or "Powered by".

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