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  • February 2015: SIS 0.5 release with upgrade to ISO 19115:2014 metadata and most basic referencing services.
  • September 2015: SIS 0.6 release with WKT and GML support for referencing objects.
  • May 2016: SIS 0.7 release with completion of referencing services.
  • November 2017: SIS 0.8 release with support (at least for metadata) for some image formats.
  • (TBD) 2019: SIS 1.0 release with more extensive netCDF support.

Version policy

Apache SIS 1.x implements interfaces from GeoAPI 3.x. Each GeoAPI 3.x release is fully compatible with previous 3.x releases.

Apache SIS 2.0 is planned to implement interfaces from GeoAPI 4.0. Those interfaces will have some incompatible changes compared to GeoAPI 3.x.

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