JSON Descriptor Files

Nodes, Properties and in fact complete subtrees may be described in JSON files using the following skeleton structure (see http://www.json.org or information on the syntax of JSON) :


	// optional primary node type, default "nt:unstructured"
	"primaryNodeType": "sling:ScriptedComponent",

	// optional mixin node types as array
	"mixinNodeTypes": [ ],

	// create properties like you would any other property within the repository
	"property1"  : "myproperty",

	// To create multi value properties use
	// Property types are best guesses based on the content they contain
	"property2" : ["value1", "value2"]

	// To create sub nodes, make json objects
	"childNode" : {

		//All the same config as the parent node are availble to the childe node, for example you can set the primary type
		"primaryNodeyType" : "nt:folder"


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