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Existing Apache Sling repositories have been onboarded to as of 16-04-2019 as part of SLING-8262 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

Viewing analysis results

All Sling projects are visible at .

Pull requests

The analysis runs for all commits, including pull requests. All pull requests receive a check in addition to the regular Jenkins build, which is afterwards visible in the pull requests check section.

Onboarding new projects

For now, this process is manual and must be done by someone from SonarSource. The recommended way to onboard a project to SonarCloud is to create a SLING Jira issue and ask Fabrice Bellingard ( @bellingard  ) to onboard the new repositories. See for instance SLING-8357 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

We are tracking the possibility of automating project creation in SLING-8702 - Getting issue details... STATUS , but there is no technical solution on the SonarCloud side for now.

Administering Sling projects

All sling-  projects will assigned to the Sling permission template on SonarCloud. If you are part of the Sling group on SonarCloud you will be able to execute various administrative actions. To become part of the Sling group, please:

Current list of Sling Administrators on SonarCloud: Robert Munteanu , Timothee Maret, Radu Cotescu .

Note that being part of the Sling Administrators group will not  allow you to onboard projects, that is still a manual process.

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