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These components write messages to files in a directory or poll files or directories (possibly recursively) to send files into the JBI.

Firstly here is the poller which will poll a file or directory (recursively by default) to find files, which are then sent into the JBI bus



Then here's the sender. We're using a FileMarshaler here to turn JBI messages into files with an expression using XPath from the message content to generate the file name in the directory.



You can if you prefer let the operating system generate temporary file names in the directory specifying an optional prefix and suffix.

Filtering inbound files

You cna configure a to only accept certain files when polling.
This can be done by configuring the filter property on the poller:

xml <bean class="o.a.s.components.file.FilePoller"> <property name="filter"> <bean ... /> </property> </bean>

The Jakarta ORO project contains RegExp based filters, but you can also define your own filters by implementing

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