Apache ServiceMix 3.x Users' Guide

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  1. Unknown User (lilian.duchene@tiepolo98.be)

    In the component matrix:

    • eip component is writen twice
  2. Deploying to an existing tomcat install can be accomplished by downloading the war file.

    current war file has no components bundled with it

    Need to download and deploy individual components individually.

    deploying war in Ubuntu 10.04 version of tomcat will likely have the following error.

    javax.jbi.JBIException: Directory could not be created: /var/lib/tomcat6/data/smx


    ERROR XBM0H: Directory /var/lib/tomcat6/servicemixDB cannot be created.

    Recommended solution is to edit the expanded servicemix.xml and change the location of these two directories to an absolute path OUTSIDE the tomcat bin directory.

     <sm:container id="jbi" 
          <bean class="org.apache.derby.jdbc.EmbeddedDataSource">
            <property name="databaseName" value="/var/servicemix/data/derby/servicemixDB"/>
            <property name="createDatabase" value="create"/>

    then create directory with read/write permissions for the tomcat user

    sudo mkdir /var/servicemix
    sudo chmod 700 /var/servicemix
    sudo chown /var/servicemix tomcat6