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  1. Quick Start
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1. Quick start

Installing the NMR

Downloading and unarchiving the NMR distribution provides a ready to use JBI container.
To launch it, simply enter the following command:


or on Windows


Installing the NMR from a plain ServiceMix Kernel

  • Install ServiceMix Kernel
  • Inside the console, launch the following commands:
    features/addUrl mvn:org.apache.servicemix.nmr/apache-servicemix-nmr/1.0.0/xml/features
    features/install jbi

If you only want the NMR without the JBI container, you can run the following command instead:

features/install nmr

You should have the following output:

smx@root:/> features/addUrl mvn:org.apache.servicemix.nmr/apache-servicemix-nmr/1.0.0/xml/features
smx@root:/> features/install jbi

Installing an example

  • Inside the Kernel console, launch the following commands:
    osgi/install -s jbi:mvn:org.apache.servicemix/servicemix-shared/2009.01/zip/installer
    osgi/install -s jbi:mvn:org.apache.servicemix/servicemix-jsr181/2009.01/zip/installer
    osgi/install -s jbi:mvn:org.apache.servicemix/servicemix-http/2009.01/zip/installer
    osgi/install -s jbi:mvn:org.apache.servicemix.samples.wsdl-first/wsdl-first-sa/3.3/zip
  • The Maven protocol enables you access to the maven repository artifacts based on the groupId, artifactId, version and type.
    groupId - org.apache.servicemix
    artifactId - servicemix-shared
    version - 2009.01
    type - zip/installer
  • Check the JBI components and Service Assembly are started:

    smx@root:/> jbi/list 
    Shared Libraries
    servicemix-shared - 2009.01 - ServiceMix :: Shared
       State                  Name                  Description
    [Started ] [servicemix-jsr181             ]     ServiceMix :: JSR-181 Service Engine
    [Started ] [servicemix-http               ]     ServiceMix :: HTTP
    Service Assemblies
       State                  Name                  Description
    [Started ] [wsdl-first-sa                 ]     ServiceMix :: Samples :: WSDL first :: SA

  • Point your web browser to the following location to see the WSDL of the deployed web service:
  • Download the following html locally, browse it in your web browser and see the service in action:
  • Shutdown the Service Assembly by running the following command:
    jbi/shutdown wsdl-first-sa


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