Welcome to Solr's new Wiki page. We're currently re-building this site and you are welcome to help.

What will this Wiki be for?

We are still figuring out what to use this Wiki space for. Here are some thing we'll not use it for

  • Solr Reference documentation
  • Solr Developer documentation (We'll create a new Developer Guide in Asciidoc format in git and publish on lucene.apache.org/solr)

So I guess we can use it for feature development, collaborating on mini projects, roadmaps etc.

And of course it is a space where non-committers can gain access and maintain things like known list of public Solr users, companies offering support etc.

Solr Reference Guide

This Confluence space was earlier used for the Solr Reference Guide. If you are looking for the RefGuide, please visit https://lucene.apache.org/solr/guide/

Old Wiki

The project used to have a wiki at wiki.apache.org/solr, which pre-dated the RefGuide and had a lot of overlapping content.

This new Wiki replaces that one, and you should really consult the newest RefGuide for up-to-date reference information.

If you are looking for an old wiki page, please go to Old Wiki where you'll find much of the old content migrated over.

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