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SpamAssassin is a mature, widely-deployed open source project that serves as a mail filter to identify Spam. SpamAssassin uses a variety of mechanisms including header and text analysis, Bayesian filtering, DNS blocklists, and collaborative filtering databases. SpamAssassin runs on a server, and filters spam before it reaches your mailbox. Read more about SpamAssassin.

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Page: 320ReleaseSummary


Page: AboutClas
Page: AboutSpamAssassin
Page: AdjustRuleScore
Page: AlistairMcDonald
Page: AllSpamToFiltering
Page: AllSpamToNoFiltering
Page: AlwaysSpamWithTswitch
Page: AmavisdNewTrouble
Page: AntiPhishFakeUrlRule
Page: Apache SpamAssassin Report to Board for June 2019
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for December 2019
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for December 2020
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for December 2021
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for December 2022
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for June 2020
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for June 2021
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for June 2022
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for June 2023
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for March 2020
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for March 2021
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for March 2022
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for March 2023
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for March 2024
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for October 2019
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for September 2020
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for September 2021
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for September 2022
Page: Apache SpamAssassin report to Board for September 2023
Page: ApacheCon
Page: ArgumentWithUnderscoreIsntNumeric
Page: ArikFunke
Page: AskingAboutIntegrations
Page: AskingQuestions
Page: AssassinDeamon
Page: AuthzUserPlugin
Page: AutolearningNotWorking
Page: AutoMassChecks
Page: AutoRuleUpdates
Page: AutoWelcomelist
Page: AutoWhitelist
Page: AutoWhitelistExpiry
Page: AvoidingFpsForAdmins
Page: AvoidingFpsForSenders
Page: AwlWrongWay


Page: BasicConfiguration
Page: BattingAverage
Page: BayesAccuracy
Page: BayesBenchmark
Page: BayesBenchmarkResults
Page: BayesBitMe
Page: BayesExpiration
Page: BayesFaq
Page: BayesFeedbackViaForwarding
Page: BayesForceExpire
Page: BayesInSpamAssassin
Page: BayesMigration
Page: BayesNotWorking
Page: BayesSqlClearUsers
Page: BayesStopList
Page: BecomingCommitter
Page: BecomingPmc
Page: BerndHSteiner
Page: BetterDocumentation
Page: BetterDocumentation GeneralDiscussion
Page: BetterDocumentation InstallTxt
Page: BetterDocumentation LdapReadme
Page: BetterDocumentation ReadmeTxt
Page: BetterDocumentation SpamdReadme
Page: BetterDocumentation SqlReadme
Page: BetterDocumentation SqlReadmeAwl
Page: BetterDocumentation SqlReadmeBayes
Page: BetterDocumentation UsageTxt
Page: BlackSpider
Page: BlogSpamAssassin
Page: Board Reports
Page: BobMenschel
Page: BobProulx
Page: BodyTestsPl
Page: BogusSpamStatusHeader
Page: BooksAboutSpamAssassin
Page: BradBulger
Page: BrainStorming
Page: BretMiller
Page: Bug Writing Guidelines
Page: BugZilla
Page: BuildBot
Page: BuildBotIndex
Page: BuildBotUpgradeNotes
Page: BuildingOnSunOS4
Page: BuildSpamcOnWindowsForFree


Page: CachingNameserver
Page: CalebPhillips
Page: CanIt
Page: CantCallMethodBgsend
Page: CantLocateNoMailAudit
Page: CasperTone2003
Page: CatalinIonescu
Page: CeasNotesJustin
Page: ChangeLog
Page: Changes301
Page: Changes302
Page: Changes303
Page: Changes304
Page: ChangingMarkup
Page: CharlieScott
Page: ChooseYourRules
Page: ChristianHansen
Page: ClamAVMultipleScores
Page: ClamAVPlugin
Page: ClaVettingProcess
Page: CodingStyle
Page: CollaborativeManual
Page: CommercialISPs
Page: CommercialMacOSX
Page: CommercialMaybe
Page: CommercialNetworkAppliances
Page: CommercialProducts
Page: CommercialUnix
Page: CommercialWindows
Page: CommuniGate
Page: CompileOnWindows
Page: ConfFileOrder
Page: ConnectionManagementSystems
Page: ContinuousTesting
Page: ContributingNewRules
Page: CordBeermann
Page: Corpora
Page: CorpusCleaning
Page: CorpusNightlyScript
Page: CraigHughes
Page: CraigMacdonald
Page: CustomDeleteTag
Page: CustomPlugins
Page: CustomRulesets


Page: DallasEngelken
Page: DanielLemke
Page: DanielQuinlan
Page: DanKohn
Page: Darxus
Page: DarylC.W
Page: DateRev
Page: DavidCary
Page: DbDumpAndLoad
Page: DbFileSleepBug
Page: DBIPlugin
Page: DebugChannels
Page: DeepRecursionInDbFile
Page: DeletingAllMailsMarkedSpam
Page: DetlevLengsfeld
Page: DevBookmarks
Page: DevelopmentMode
Page: DevelopmentStuff
Page: DirQueue
Page: DisableAutoRuleUpdates
Page: DisablingRules
Page: DnsblAccuracy082005
Page: DnsBlocklists
Page: DnsBlocklistsInclusionPolicy
Page: DontBlockTheBat
Page: Dovecot
Page: DownloadFromSvn
Page: DoYouWantMyHam
Page: DoYouWantMySpam
Page: DumpTextPlugin
Page: DuncanFindlay
Page: DynablockIssues


Page: EnvelopeSenderInHeaders
Page: EnvelopeSenderInReceived
Page: EraEriksson
Page: EugeneLarvie
Page: EximProcmailCorruptMsgs
Page: ExperimentalTheoretical


Page: FalseNegative
Page: FalseNegatives
Page: FalsePositive
Page: FalsePositives
Page: FasterPerformance
Page: FeatureList
Page: FilteringViruses
Page: FindingIntegrations
Page: FixingAllTrusted
Page: FixingBadLearning
Page: FixingErrors
Page: FpFnPercentages
Page: FqdnError
Page: Frame Construction Series Jaw Crusher
Page: FredTarasevicius
Page: FrequentlyAskedQuestions
Page: FromNotReplyTo
Page: FuzzyOcrPlugin


Page: GadiCohen
Page: GeneticAlgorithm
Page: Grassfindlinks


Page: Ham
Page: HandClassifiedCorpora
Page: HashBuster
Page: HashCash
Page: HashSharingSystem
Page: Hege
Page: HeinoBackhaus
Page: HenrikKrohns
Page: HenryStern
Page: HistoricNews
Page: HitFrequencies
Home page: Home
Page: HomePage
Page: HomerClar
Page: HowScoresAreAssigned
Page: HowToDebug
Page: HowToTellWhatsGoingOn


Page: IanNeubert
Page: IgorBerger
Page: IgorBergerTalk
Page: ImportantInitialConfigItems
Page: ImproveAccuracy
Page: IncreaseAccuracy
Page: IncubatorToDo
Page: InfinityMail
Page: InfraNotes
Page: InfraNotes GrantingKarma
Page: InfraNotes2017
Page: InfraNotes2020
Page: InstallingDCC
Page: InstallingOnMacHighSierra
Page: InstallingOnWindows
Page: InstallingPyzor
Page: InstallingRazor
Page: IntegratedInCourierUsingMaildrop
Page: IntegratedInMta
Page: IntegratedInMua
Page: IntegratedInPostfixWithAmavis
Page: IntegratedInQmailWithIfspamh
Page: IntegratedInQmailWithQmailScanner
Page: IntegratedSolutions
Page: IntegratedSpamdInPostfix
Page: IntegratePostfixViaSpampd
Page: IntegratingSA
Page: InTheNews
Page: IoSocketInetInvalidArgument
Page: Ipv6Resolver
Page: IRC
Page: Ivo Truxa
Page: IXhash


Page: JamesBlessing
Page: Jidanni
Page: JohnHardin
Page: JonathanBuhacoff
Page: JosefRadinger
Page: JustinMason


Page: KellyAnderson
Page: KevinMcGrail
Page: KurtYoder
Page: KymaqeLubywen


Page: LarsOlson
Page: LearningMarkedUpMessages
Page: LearnMore
Page: Loaf
Page: LocalCfNotRead
Page: LocalSpellingWords
Page: LogoContest
Page: LogoContestDiscussion
Page: LogoContestEntries
Page: LogoContestTiebreaker
Page: LogoDetails


Page: MailAuditBodyError
Page: MailingLists
Page: MailManglingInTheField
Page: MailPoint
Page: MailProxy
Page: MailScanner
Page: MakeMissingSeparator
Page: MalteStretz
Page: ManualNightlyMassCheck
Page: ManualRuleUpdates
Page: ManualWhitelist
Page: ManuxMike
Page: MassCheck
Page: MasscheckAntidrug
Page: MasscheckBackhair
Page: MasscheckBigEvil
Page: MasscheckBlacklist
Page: MasscheckBogusVirus
Page: MasscheckChickenpox
Page: MasscheckChineserules
Page: MasscheckEvilNumbers
Page: MasscheckGeeWhizChineseRuleset
Page: MasscheckRandom
Page: MassChecks
Page: MassCheckSlave
Page: MasscheckTripwire
Page: MasscheckWeeds
Page: MassesOverview
Page: MattKettler
Page: MaxClientsWarning
Page: MeasuringAccuracy
Page: MessageLabs
Page: MichaelDouma
Page: MichaelMonnerie
Page: MichaelParker
Page: MikeBrown
Page: MIMEDefang
Page: MissedSpam
Page: MortenIsaksen
Page: MtaFilterNotWorking
Page: MtaIntegrationDevNotes
Page: MultiFileRuleSets


Page: NetIdentPrototype
Page: NetTestFirewallIssues
Page: NetworkTests
Page: NetworkTestsLatency
Page: NewTrapsPlan
Page: NewUploadedCorporaUser
Page: NextRelease
Page: NightlyMassCheck
Page: NoProcessOnOverload
Page: NotSpam


Page: OcrPlugin
Page: OeFilter
Page: OeSixForwardFps
Page: OliverSchulzeL
Page: OpenDnsAndUribls
Page: OpenInfraIssues
Page: OpenProtect
Page: OpensslKrb
Page: OtherTricks
Page: OutOfFileDescriptors
Page: OutOfMemoryProblems


Page: ParkerMorse
Page: PaulLaudanski
Page: Perceptron
Page: PerlAccessorsConsideredHarmful
Page: PeterDrenth
Page: PeterGervai
Page: PluginWritingTips
Page: PluralOfCorpus
Page: PlussedEmail
Page: Pod2ManRedHat
Page: Pop3Proxy
Page: POPAuthPlugin
Page: Porkchop
Page: PostfixSpamd
Page: PrecisionAndRecall
Page: PredictiveValue
Page: PreflightBuildBot
Page: PreflightByMail
Page: PresentationsAndPapers
Page: PressContacts
Page: ProcmailTaintWarning
Page: ProcmailToForwardMail
Page: ProcmailVsSmrsh
Page: ProfilingRulesWithDprof
Page: ProjectRoles
Page: PublicRules
Page: PublishingRuleUpdates
Page: PythonLanguage


Page: QmailSpfPatch


Page: RazorAmavisd
Page: RazorBadFileDesc
Page: RazorCantLocateNew
Page: RazorHowToTell
Page: RazorInsecureDependency
Page: RazorSiteWide
Page: RazorUnblessedRefs
Page: RBL
Page: RedHatMalformedUtf8
Page: RelayCountryPlugin
Page: RelayedByDialup
Page: Release310Schedule
Page: Release320Schedule
Page: ReleaseGoals
Page: ReleasePolicy
Page: RemoteImapFolder
Page: RemovedRulesets
Page: RemovingBugzillaSpam
Page: RenataBignardi
Page: ReplaceTags
Page: Report spam
Page: ReportingBugs
Page: ReportingMboxesToRazor
Page: ReportingSpam
Page: ReportingToRazor
Page: RescoreDetails
Page: RescoreDetails310
Page: RescoreDetails320
Page: RescoreMassCheck
Page: RescoreMassCheck310
Page: RescoreMassCheck320
Page: RescoreSet01Details
Page: RescoreSet23Details
Page: RescoreTenFcv
Page: RescoringProcess
Page: ResendingMailWithHeaders
Page: Rfc822Format
Page: Richardkreider
Page: RocGraphs
Page: RodBegbie
Page: RodRoark
Page: RoundingIssues
Page: RsyncAccounts
Page: RsyncConfig
Page: RuleDevelopment
Page: RuleFilenameConventions
Page: RuleLifeCycle
Page: RuleQaApp
Page: RuleSandboxes
Page: RulesNotEnglish
Page: RulesProjBuildBot
Page: RulesProjCompiler
Page: RulesProjectPlan
Page: RulesProjMoreInput
Page: RulesProjPromotion
Page: RulesProjSandboxes
Page: RulesProjSecrecy
Page: RulesProjStreamlining
Page: RuleUpdates
Page: RunningGa
Page: RunningPerceptron
Page: RunningSaUpdate


Page: Sa-learn
Page: Sa263MakeWithPerl582
Page: SaCompileRefSymbolError
Page: Salearn
Page: SaMilter030CorruptMsgs
Page: SaProxy
Page: SaProxyByHand
Page: SaProxyStatus
Page: SareChannels
Page: SaUpdateBackend
Page: SaUpdateKeyNotCrossCertified
Page: SaUpdateMirrorSetup
Page: SaUpdatePlan
Page: Scores
Page: ScottWilson
Page: Security
Page: SecurityPolicy
Page: SeparateLogFile
Page: Sergio
Page: Setting up a build/testing/release environment
Page: SettingUpSSL
Page: ShortcircuitingRuleset
Page: ShrinkAutoWhiteList
Page: SidneyMarkowitz
Page: SimoneHolly
Page: SingleUserUnixInstall
Page: SiteContest
Page: SiteWideBayesFeedback
Page: SiteWideBayesSetup
Page: SiteWideGeneralNotes
Page: SitewidePostfixBayes
Page: SitewideServerSpec
Page: SocNightlyMassCheck
Page: SoughtRules
Page: SourceForge
Page: Spam
Page: SpamArrow
Page: SpamAssassin
Page: SpamAssassin on Mac OS X Server
Page: SpamAssassinAsfZone
Page: SpamAssassinChallenge
Page: SpamAssassinDoesNotDoThat
Page: SpamAssassinHistory
Page: SpamAssassinRules
Page: SpamassNotFirstHop
Page: SpamCorral
Page: SpamdCoredumps
Page: SpamdKillingServer
Page: SpamdOnMacOsx
Page: SpamdOnWindows
Page: SpamdSyslogFormat
Page: SpamFilteringServices
Page: SpamFuProxy
Page: SpamKiller
Page: SpamMover
Page: SpamQuarantine
Page: SpamTrapBackend
Page: SpamTrapping
Page: SplitLogsIntoBuckets
Page: SqlOnWindows
Page: SslMassCheck
Page: StartUsing
Page: StatsAndAnalyzers
Page: StatsPlugin
Page: StatusRounding
Page: SteveCharmer
Page: StopBlockingMyMail
Page: StopBlockingOthersMail
Page: StorableNotFound
Page: SubjectRewrite
Page: SummerOfCode2006
Page: SvnBranches
Page: SvnCertUpdate
Page: SyncDebianPackaging


Page: TarasFetsyuk
Page: TenFoldCrossValidation
Page: Tengutech
Page: Testimonials
Page: TestingInstallation
Page: TestingSearch
Page: TextWrapError
Page: ThankTheTeam
Page: TheFaqHasMoved
Page: TheoVanDinter
Page: ThirdPartySoftware
Page: ThirdPartySoftware Monitoring
Page: TimHunter
Page: TomekSerafin
Page: TopSharedMemoryBug
Page: TotalCostRatio
Page: TranslateFrench
Page: TranslateText
Page: TrustedRelays
Page: TrustedRelaysDebugExample
Page: TrustNetNotes
Page: TrustPath
Page: TspamdHuptCompileError
Page: TurnTide
Page: TxRep


Page: UlfEdvinsson
Page: UnmaintainedCustomPlugins
Page: UpgradeNotes
Page: UpgradeTo300
Page: UpgradeTo310
Page: UpgradingVersion
Page: UploadedCorpora
Page: UploadedCorporaIndependentMassCheck
Page: URICountryPlugin
Page: UsedViaProcmail
Page: UserPrefRuleTest
Page: UsingAnAccountForLearning
Page: UsingBugzilla
Page: UsingDcc
Page: UsingMutt
Page: UsingNetworkTests
Page: UsingOnOsx
Page: UsingOnWindows
Page: UsingOverlap
Page: UsingProcmail
Page: UsingPyzor
Page: UsingRazor
Page: UsingSiteWide
Page: UsingSpamAssassin
Page: UsingSQL
Page: UsingTests
Page: Utf8Performance


Page: ValidateModel
Page: VBounceRuleset
Page: Vincent Li
Page: VirusScannerTypeUpdates
Page: VotingProcedure


Page: WebRedirectPlugin
Page: WebShield
Page: WebUserInterfaces
Page: WelcomelistBlocklist
Page: WeLoveVolunteers
Page: WesMorgan
Page: WhereDoLocalSettingsGo
Page: WhitelistFromRcvdAndTrust
Page: WhitelistingEverybody
Page: WhiteListSubjectPlugin
Page: WhyUseRules
Page: WikiNode
Page: WilliamStearns
Page: WinSpamC
Page: WritingRules
Page: WritingRulesAdvanced
Page: WrongMXPlugin


Page: X Spam Status




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