Becoming a PMC member

This page describes stuff that needs to be done if you're elected onto the PMC (see ProjectRoles). It assumes you've already been a committer and performed the tasks described in BecomingCommitter.

This should wait until the board has ACKed the PMC addition and 72 hours has passed without objections.

Some of these actions can only be done by the PMC Chair.

Granted all permissions in Bugzilla

Grant the person's Bugzilla account with all permissions, and with permission to grant all permissions to other users. This is done by following the "Users" link in Bugzilla, specifying the account by email address, clicking on the correct username, scrolling to "Group Access" and ticking the two checkboxes for the admin group, which will imply the other required permissions.

Added to private list

The private at mailing list is used for PMCish chat (see ProjectRoles); your Apache email addresses is added to this list, using your preferred email address to subscribe to private@ and your address to private-allow@ so it can be used to post to the list.

Added to the roster and LDAP access notes: 'your PMC chair needs to update the roster with the new PMC member'