Mike Nolan <nolan AT naic dot edu> has built this, and here's his directions:

Get the library containing a SunOS version of snprintf, available at http://SpamAssassin.org/released/contrib/ .

I built SpamAssassin under SunOS 4.1.3.

% gtar xzf snp.tar.gz

% cd snp

% gmake libsnp.a

OK, now go to the spamassassin directory, and compile:

% cd ..

% gcc -g -O2 spamd/spamc.c spamd/libspamc.c spamd/utils.c -o spamd/spamc -ldl -lnsl snp/libsnp.a -lm

% gmake

Now you have spamc and spamd.

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