Changes in 3.0.1

(additional ChangeLogs)

Bug 3916: deprecate RCVD_IN_RFC_IPWHOIS (trivial patch)

Bug 3822: warn during "make" if module versions are too low

Bug 3826: Turn copy config on for all cases, it will still turn itself off when max client == 1

Bug 3910: spamd/ Removed redundant echos, fixed flags to kill and rm.

Bug 3776: restrict size of message body fed to TextCat to 10kbytes which is enough for reliable classification and prevents excessive time and memory consumption

Bug 3895: Mail::SA::Conf::Parser::finish() method is missing; this is required for Mail::SpamAssassin::finish() to operate. the result is that a user of the perl modules cannot call finish to GC the entire Spamassassin set of modules, as the call dies. fixed

upped the spec file to 3.0.1

Bug 3766: Provide support for specifying the username for virtual environments

Bug 3747: Move test to port 8 which is unassigned and hopefully will work on all systems. Also add an onfail warning that describes why the test might be failing

Bug 3806: do not run DNSBL and SPF tests as root on non-linux UNIX platforms, due to a stupid bug in Sys::Hostname::Long that renames the hostname

Bug 3741: FORGED_MUA_THEBAT_BOUN would FP for The Bat versions > 1, so we should only check for that v1 in the test

added MIME::Base64 to the optional (but highly suggested) section in INSTALL

changing comment since it's IMO exactly what we don't want to do

Bug 3865: specifying certain configuration parameters without a value didn't result in an error at parse time, but set an invalid value internally which could cause errors/etc. do a simple check for numeric, boolean, and string values.

Bug 3872: when syncing the journal and getting seen updates, the code would call seen_{put,delete} which defer to the journal when learn_to_journal is set, resulting in the msgid never getting stored and being passed from one journal to the next in certain situations.

Bug 3831: due to the RegistrarBoundaries REs being too loose, we would often misparse the given domain into the wrong number of parts. make the RE more strict to avoid this issue and also skip doing the RE check when the RE can't possibly match based on number of parts in the string.

Bug 3887: don't record regression test strings unless t/rule_tests.t is being run

Bug 3883: spamcop reporting was sending the whole user gecos field, which can give out private information, etc. since the real name isn't necessary for reporting (just need the email address), we can just stop trying to figure out the full name.

Bug 3876: flatten tokens hash returned by tokenizer to save memory, updated Plugin docs to show change, and pass in additional hash for bayes_scan hook

Bug 3855: Do not use qr to whitelist entries, Storable does not handle Regexp objects

Bug 3854: if no rules hit, TESTSSCORES doesn't return 'none' like TESTS does.

Bug 3734: uridnsbl rules work on body data, not header data, so change the rule type from header to body

Bug 3875: Remove map/grep combo and replace with foreach loop to avoid odd memory bloat issue

Bug 3801: MUAs allow no blank line between the end of the message header and a MIME boundary, so we should too.

Bug 3805: add the ability to whitelist (not query) the URIBLs for certain domains. added the top list (125 or so) from SURBL for queried domains that they whitelist.

Bug 3812: fix parsing of SMTPSVC headers, as generated by MS IIS, in Received hdr parser

Bug 3791: add support for XMail Received header formats

Bug 3830: add support for 'return-path' to extract MAIL FROM address from Received: headers

Bug 3649: helper_app_pipe_open doesn't do the right thing if STD{IN,OUT,ERR} filehandles != {0,1,2} fds

Bug 3837: over-broad RE in Received parser gets some rDNS and HELO strings mixed up

Bug 3827: typo in the RE for 2TLD

Bug 3827: update 2TLD listing in the URIBL Plugin

Bug 3427: if a schemeless URI was found, we would add 'http://' to the front, which is very bad since it would do this for 'foo.gif', '#foo', etc. Also, modify uri.t to give debug output upon failure.

some updates from trunk

Just did a case-sensitive sort with
$ export LC_ALL=C

fix plugin POD docs; had a sub-section inside a method's =item, which is just totally wrong

Bug 3825: document that # characters must be escaped in RE, or else they're considered the start of a comment

Added --whitelist option to the other autowhitelist options as one that has been removed

Bug 3822: clean up requirements documentation

Bug 3804: fix typo that caused X-Languages metadata for LANGUAGES tag to be empty

prep 3.0.1 devel cycle

prep 3.0.0 release

Bug 3798: remove ninja* images

new logo

Bug 3794: add some defined() checks for incomplete DNS responses

Minor typo in Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf man

add documentation about Plugin::dbg having to be called via package name as it's not available in the plugin package namespace

added documentation for the standard arguments passed to plugins of different types

Create 3.0 (stable) branch, open up trunk for 3.1 (development) operations.