Unix Applications

The following are commercial products for UNIX-like systems which use SpamAssassin. Other versions: CommercialWindows, CommercialMacOSX, CommercialUnix, CommercialNetworkAppliances, CommercialISPs, CommercialMaybe


  • @Mail WebMail + Email-server - Commercial Web{{`Mail/Email-server including Spamassassin, Anti-Virus, Web}}`Mail, Groupware and Multi-language ability.
  • ActivSoftware Email Application Server - a smtp gateway/server with SpamAssassin load balancing support.
  • BarricadeMX - A very efficient, high performance Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam SMTP proxy that supports SpamAssassin via the spamd protocol.
  • beacatmail.com - Low-cost commercial mail server - Including Postfix, Spamassassin, Antivirus, Webmail, Groupware, Greylisting, Mailing lists, unlimited Domains and Mailboxes, International support, Open source, Supported.
  • CleanMail Server - Easy-to-use, extensible, multi-purpose SMTP/ POP3 proxy providing a complete email security solution: a built-in attachment blocker, integrated SpamAssassin and ClamAV anti-virus. Works with every mail server software. Other features are: virtual hosts, mail flooding protection, and real-time monitoring, just to name a few.
  • Roaring Penguin Software's CanIt
  • DomSpamC & DSCLearner - DomSpamC => Filter interface for Lotus Domino. DSCLearner => User-based bayesian learner interface for Lotus Notes.
  • DoubleCheck Email Manager - virus, spam, and email policy management gateway.
  • EagleEye by s3 smart security solutions s3 smart security solutions offers FreeBSD based anti-spam and virus email gateway appliances. For these appliances FreeBSD as reliable foundation is complemented by SpamAssassin and ClamAV to obtain the best spam and virus-protection available in the Open Source area.
  • Gibraltar Firewall - CD based firewall product with integrated Antispam and Antivirus capabilities
  • IceWarp Mail Server for Windows and Linux - See CommericalWindows for details.
  • Kerio Mailserver for Windows, Linux and Mac - (see above)
  • Lyris MailShield - Anti-spam protection for servers, workgroups, and personal desktops.
  • Marcel Network Solution - CD based VPN/Firewall, Anti-spam, Anti-Virus, Block unwanted attachment, Integrated webmail.
  • Proxmox Mail Gateway - Mail gateway with advanced virus/spam filtering capabilities. Free version for commercial use available.
  • RAE Internet's MPP - Application framework allowing you to combine various AV scanners such as ClamAV, Sophos, F-Prot, & Cybersoft's Pattern Authority along with SpamAssassin
  • Secure Mail Intelligence! SMI is a server side e-mail protection solution that combines firewall elements, intrusion detection system, anti-virus and anti-spam modules. SMI! can use up to 7 anti-virus scanners and 3 different spam filtering engines at the same time. Other features include: Routing & Queuing Module, Disclaimer & Messages Module, Updater Module, Policy Module, Mail Storage Module, Image Analysis Module, Cryptography Series and Mail Analysis. SMI! runs on Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2k/XP/2003 platforms (both Professional and Server releases), Linux (i586), OpenBSD, FreeBSD and Solaris 9 (x86 and SPARC)
  • SpamTitan - SpamTitan allows you to create an email appliance for your gateway, real or virtual, using our ISO and VMware versions. Dual virus protection from Kaspersky and ClamAV as well as spam protection which incorporates SpamAssassin ensures email bourne threats are eradicated.
  • SPONTS by iKu AG is an email proxy appliance written in Java running on a Linux EPIA board. For spam filtering, it uses SpamAssassin in combination with several proprietary checks. The software is also sold separately for use in bigger Unix servers.
  • Sun Java System Messaging Server (JESMS) includes preintegrated "Spam- Assassin" <sic>, an "open source, antispam application". (For Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, and Windows)
  • Trustica Spam Protector - Commercial solution which integrates more spam and virus filtering products together. Support available.
  • vPostMaster Email Server - Free for non-commercial use, greylisting, SpamAssassin, Postfix based mail server with unlimited domains and users. The no-one-size fits all solution. Support and commercial licenses available.

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