Connection Management Systems

The following are commercial Connection Management Systems which improve the performance of SpamAssassin by shaping or blocking email traffic before it reaches SpamAssassin. Another name for this kind of system is a "protocol filter".


  • f5 Networks Message Security Module (appliance). "Stops up to 70 percent of unwanted e-mail at the edge of the network. This keeps illegitimate messages from clogging up bandwidth and frees up capacity on existing anti-spam solutions."
  • MailChannels Traffic Control (software). "A new technology that performs traffic shaping for email, which lets you handle 3 times more email traffic through your current server hardware, while reducing overall spam loads by 75% over and above blacklisting and filtering alone. Traffic Control 3 for SpamAssassin is available at"
  • Symantec Mail Security 8100 Series (appliance). "... stops spam before it enters the network—reducing total email volume by up to 50 percent while ensuring the continuous flow of legitimate email. By shaping email traffic at the TCP protocol level, this unique security appliance prohibits spammers from forcing unwanted email into your network."

Not Listed?

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