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Continuous Testing

We're running a Jenkins Continuous Integration (CI) server at

Due to politics with Oracle, the project formerly known as Hudson was renamed Jenkins in early 2011.

Therefore, the Jenkins/Hudson server for the SA Project has a bit of an identity crisis. This is evident in documentation, server names, existing scripts, etc. But the Jenkins CI server will run build/hudson/run_build (3.3 branch) or build/jenkins/run_build (trunk) to test the latest code after every check-in to SVN.

As of May 2011, there are jobs for both the 3.3 branch and trunk:

Both of these jobs run on the solaris1 slave and use the script in trunk under build/jenkins/run_build

There is also a test job we are using to prepare for the eventual replacement of the solaris1 zone for Jenkins.

This job runs on a freebsd slave and use the script in build/jenkins/run_build_freebsd

To login at, use your ASF LDAP credentials.

To administer the jobs, you must be a member of hudson-jobadmin group.

For more information, see which includes instructions for the PMC chair to grant access for a committer to get an administrative account.

The results can be viewed at the same links above for the jobs.

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