Disable sa-update auto updates publication

Automatics sa-update rule update package generation (see AutoRuleUpdates) can be disabled by creating the following file in SVN:


If the file exists sa-update rule package updates will be generated and distributed to the update mirrors but they will not be published in DNS, so sa-update clients will not download them.

Disable publishing new sa-update packages and revert to an existing sa-update package

Additionally, you can disable publishing of further automatically generated packages and revert to an existing (known good) sa-update package using the /spamassassin/trunk/build/mkupdates/revert-stable-update script. The instructions from the source of that script follow:


script to revert sa-update stable updates to an existing version for use in an emergency to revert rule updates after the release of a bad rule update

note: this is just a wrapper to call mkupdate-with-scores with the proper parameters to do the reversion mkupdate-with-scores does the reversion because the update needs to be tested to work with each of the stable .x versions and each .x version's DNS needs to be updated accordingly


  1. Decide that there's a need to revert to a previous update that is generally known to be good.

2. Login to spamassassin.zones.apache.org

3. sudo su - updatesd

4. /home/updatesd/svn/new-rule-score-gen/revert-stable-update 1234567

The script will copy the supplied update version 1234567 to a new update version in order that it will superseed the current update. It will then test that it works with each stable .x version and then update DNS records accordingly. A cron job will be set to update DNS in 16 minutes after completion of testing to give the mirrors time to update.

Re-enabling sa-update automatic update package publication

To re-enable publishing of new automatically generated sa-update packages after disabling publication of them you can simply delete the /spamassassin/trunk/rulesrc/scores/DISABLE-AUTOMATIC-UPDATES file from SVN. Publication of sa-update packages will resume at the next regularly scheduled time.

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