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Envelope-Sender data in headers

The following MTAs save envelope-sender in Return-Path:

qmail    1.03     - compliant
postfix  2.0.12   - compliant
Exchange 2000 SP3 - compliant
Exchange 5.5 SP4  - compliant
sendmail 8.12.x - compliant
exim 3.36       - compliant
exim 4.30 -compliant
Courier  0.42.2   - compliant

(list from spf-discuss list, thread 'Re: [spf-discuss] Is Return-Path as available as we think?', Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 06:31:05 -0600 (04:31 PST).)

Also see EnvelopeSenderInReceived for a proposal to come up with a better way to store envelope-sender data in the headers, resilient in the face of multiple relays.

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