Past News Coverage of SpamAssassin

2005-03-03: The Spam Assassin Behind SpamAssassin

"Supported by the Apache Software Foundation, this server-side spam filter is one of the most widely-deployed programs in the open-source world." (by Howard Wen)

2005-02-09: SpamAssassin Takes Top Anti-Spam Honors

SpamAssassin Takes Top Anti-Spam Honors

Receiving twice as many votes as the closest contender, SpamAssassin took top honors in the Anti-Spam category of Datamation's Product of the Year 2005 Awards.

2004-11-16: Apache Geronimo readied as Java app server

"Also at [ApacheCon], Apache revealed that the planned 3.1 release
of its open source spam filter, SpamAssassin, is set to focus on
speed and accuracy, said Theo Van Dinter, who serves on the Apache
program management committee for SpamAssassin and gave a
presentation on the software on Monday. [...]"

2004-11-09: Should Microsoft own antispam?

In a statement, the foundation said Microsoft's proposal to
authenticate senders of e-mail messages was "expressly incompatible"
with the way the open-source development and distribution

2004-09-23: SpamAssassin Switches to Apache License

SpamAssassin Switches to Apache License (by Elizabeth Millard)

2003-11-14: Spam Fighting for Small Businesses

For any company willing to put in some extra time, there is also the
extremely popular open-source darling, SpamAssassin.

2004-09-09: What's New in SpamAssassin 3.0

What's New in SpamAssassin 3.0 (by Alan Schwartz, author of SpamAssassin, the O'Reilly book)

2004-12-20: Where's SpamAssassin?

Where's SpamAssassin? (by Joel Snyder)

2004-06-25: Apache Spam Fight Hits New Level:

The Apache Software Foundation is taking the spam fight to a new level – literally – with the promotion of its Spam Assassin project to top-level status.

2004-06-02: LWN: A look at SpamAssassin 3.0.

2004-05-07: InformIT: Fighting Spam and Viruses at the Server:

Arguably the most popular of the free spam detectors out there is SpamAssassin, and for good reason: it's not just free, it's among the most effective spam-fighting tools available for any platform. It offers all of the best of breed spam-fighting techniques in one nice, neat package: a feature recognizer, DNSBL and SPF lookups, collaborative reporting networks, and Bayesian filtering. On top of that, SpamAssassin includes a comprehensive scoring framework that takes all of these tests into account before making a diagnosis, rather than just making a quick decision based on a single test (a technique that's terribly prone to error).

2003-12-19:'s 2003 Editor's Choice Awards: SpamAssassin won both 'Editor's Choice for Best Application' for Email, and 'Miscellaneous Editor's Choice: Can't Live Without'.

SpamAssassin keeps keeps me out of Anger Management classes. If you are not running SpamAssassin get thee to Now. If you need your friendly neighborhood system administrator to do it.. start sending flowers or Scotch today with a nice little note asking to get SpamAssassin going medieval on your mail server.

2003-09-02: New York Times Magazine, 'Tangled up in Spam':

One of the best tools for network administrators is an ever-evolving program called SpamAssassin, which uses a range of tests and a point system to identify spam.

2002-06-24: Salon: Spam vs. Spam:

For those of us who get hundreds of spam e-mails a day, SpamAssassin is heaven-sent.

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