#spamassassin is an IRC channel hosted at freenode dedicated to online discussion with other SpamAssassin users. Now and again, the developers have also been known to chat about development issues on the channel.

Freenode servers include,, etc. To join, you need an IRC client such as xchat, irssi, or bitchx.

Basic rules

  • Before asking a question:
  • Don't ask to ask, be patient, and state your problem clearly and specifically. Don't speak in vague terms, say exactly what your problem is and what you're trying to do.
  • If you're using a front-end for SpamAssassin (such as Amavisd, MailScanner, or spamass-milter) instead of using the "spamassassin" script or "spamc" tool directly, then try to reproduce the issue with just those apps first. The issue may lie with the front-end instead of SpamAssassin itself.
  • In general, you're better off asking questions on the 'users' mailing list instead of IRC; the IRC channel is a secondary forum, and infrequently monitored. If you do ask on IRC, and nobody answers, don't keep asking – it's likely that nobody who's on the channel knows the answer, and you'd be better off asking the list.
  • Use pastebin instead of pasting/flooding.
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