Integration into Courier-MTA using maildrop

The connection between Courier and SpamAssassin is made by using maildrop as the MDA and spamd/spamc to perform the spam checking using Courier's mail filtering language.

To let Courier use maildrop as default for delivery, edit /etc/courier/courierd and set DEFAULTDELIVERY to "| /usr/bin/maildrop" (or wherever your maildrop binary is). Then edit the global filter file /etc/courier/maildroprc to pipe mail through Spamassassin before delivery:

import USER
if ($LOGNAME ne "")
 xfilter "/usr/bin/vendor_perl/spamc -u $LOGNAME"
 xfilter "/usr/bin/vendor_perl/spamc -u $USER"

You must then decide what to do with any spam mail. For example, an instruction in the the users .mailfilter file:

if(/^X-Spam-Status: YES/)
 to "$HOME/Maildir/.Junk/"

If you have virtual users (as opposed to plain *nix users) you may want to let Spamassassin know where to find per-user preferences. Do this by passing the username to spamc with the -u option and then using the spamd --virtual-config-dir option, for example in a systemd service file (where vmail is the virtual mail user):

ExecStart=/usr/bin/vendor_perl/spamd -x -u vmail -g vmail --virtual-config-dir=/home/vmail/%%d/%%l

You can omit this if using only system-wide preferences.

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