Ivo Truxa

My contributions to SpamAssassin:

  • TxRep sender reputation system
  • sa-heatu v2 - tool for manipulating Berkeley DB storage of AWL and TxRep
  • sa-normalize - tool for previewing US-ASCII and UTF-8 text normalizing
  • ASCII normalizing patch - normalizing and transcribing email of any character set to plain US-ASCII
  • Some SA Wiki editing (mostly AWL and TxRep related)
  • ... hopefully more to come

You can contact me at truxa@truxoft.com with any questions, or suggestions relevant to my work

I am not a native English speaker (and a sloppy writer in plus), so if you spot any mistakes, or improper formulations in TxRep documentation, or in other texts written by myself, please do not hesitate to report them to me.

Thank you,

Ivo Truxa @ truxoft - IT security oriented software development and consultancy