Logo Contest Entries

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The contest is now closed!

Thanks to everyone who submitted a logo for consideration. We had to decide between the LogoContestTiebreaker and finally went for ChristianRauh's version. See LogoDetails for up-to-date downloads.

The Shortlist

(see below for the full-size images that these thumbnails refer to!)

The Quicklist

If you use any third-party cliparts, please make sure that we may use them without royalty fees.

Justin Mason

(a simple revision of the original logo, cleaned up a little bit. contact info at http://jmason.org/. source at http://taint.org/saimgs/logosrc/salogosrc/)

ba Blakely

A few files I've whipped up in Fireworks, which is why I only have PNGs for src files. The rest of the files can be obtained from my server at http://www.bablakely.com/SALogos. Drop me a line at bab@bablakely.com with any questions. Good luck everyone!

Mark Allen c/o Richard Humphrey

Pre-submitted to mailing list.

Clay Irving

Pre-submitted to mailing list.

Paulo Ordoveza

More on my SA logo page, and thanks to Keith Ivey for pre-submitting to the mailing list.

Dallas L. Engelken

Pre-submitted to mailing list.




contact: benedikt@synatic.net

nGmedia / Ulf Edvinsson

The logo can be delivered in any desired vector format.



For extensive descriptions, profile details and variations also including the logo on different background than plain white, please visit [url http://user.tninet.se/~vpb211e/sa/\]



Can provide in most formats.



Can provide the original source files (.psd) and both a high-resolution print and low-resolution web version. More information about my work can be found at [url http://www.kartooner.com\].


Gilberto Ficara

I can provide the vector graphic, if needed... (smile)

Gilberto "Velenux" Ficara g.ficara at oltrelinux.com


Mike Loiterman


Tristan Delsol


If you need this logo I will fix the spelling (smile) It was a bit late when I was working on it (smile) This is a start. I'll work a bit more on another one but I have to say you have plenty of choice from some good logo's. Good work to all of you.

Lee Maguire


inkscape svg available

Michael Douma

This logo focusses on the the ninja/protective aspect. A better approach would better convey the concept of "filtering email." Other sizes can be readily prepared. contact: spamassassinLogo@michaeldouma.com

Tobias Bergius


Made in Illustrator.

Boris Senker

All necessary vector/raster formats will be provided in RGB, HEX and CMYK colourspace.

senker@post.htnet.hr http://www.dvotocka.hr

Mark Julius Vila




Chanel Cullison


Janne Pitkänen

For more information and hi-res images, mail to toxicangel@toxicangel.com

Attis Bijlani - ClearFire Designs


For more information and hi-res version visit http://clearfiredesigns.com/, or email attisb [at] clearfiredesigns.com

David Marín

This is my basic idea. It must be improved, but I think that this schematic ninja with katana is cool!

For more info and/or vectorial format images, mail to dmarin@dyr.es

Michael Douma

Based on a shuriken, a bladed instruments commonly used as throwing weapons by the ninja. It combines the shuriken, arrows, and apache-like colors. Credit Daniel Quinlan for the idea. The shuriken idea could possibly be expanded to be "protecting" a mailbox, or "shredding/rejecting" spam, but those implementations risk the appearance or destroying all email. Other sizes can be readily prepared. contact: spamassassinLogo@michaeldouma.com

Bingo MacGee

Simple lil design with SPAM right in the crosshairs...

Contact at bingo_macgee@yahoo.com

Javi Masa

For more info and/or vectorial format images, visit http://www.telefonica.net/web2/woto/spamassassin/

Mat Walker

Thought I'd add my two cents worth...forgive the spelling mistake, i can redo later.

Email Contact: mat@hypermax.net.au

Jaime Adolfo Nieto

This is the second version of my cartoon approach to SA Logo. I Changed all horrible fonts, now main fonts are drawn by me I can provide SVG files. Contact me: jaimeadolfonieto [at] yahoo.com

Sean Kirkby

Can provide in any format. Buttonized, B&W, etc. versions also easily available.

Contact : skirkby@concentrico.net

Michael Douma

A shuriken made of rotated emails, in four versions. Also suggests filtering as one email is ham and others are spam. Other sizes can be readily prepared. contact: spamassassinLogo@michaeldouma.com

Steven F. Johnson

This is merely a concept so if anyone likes it and wants to improve on it please do. I do not have the high-end graphics software required for the desired image quality.

Contact me: steve a@t granitecomputer.com

Peter Tung

Cooked up idea over lunch time. Contact via: tzehua_tung@hotmail.com

Jedrzej Chmielewski

Contact: jch@iip.pl

Christian Rauh

This is mostly a draft of the concept. Association with Apache name and colors are self-explaining I believe.

Colors, font, etc. may be changed. In particular, someone has already suggested having a 3Dish coloring (winxp style) instead of flat, I like flat, but I could do that.

Another variation (although I prefer the original):

Contact me at <salogo@rauh.net>

Marcello Stanley

Basicly i'm playing with the idea of "frying the spam". The 'cut' spam already on a frying pan (black circle) and 'assassin' as the pan handle. Trying to play with a tinge of humour noting that after all spamassasin tries keep the fun part internet experience by eliminating the junks. I try to keep the form simple for easy reproduction, and pure black to keep the serious tone. It can be done with other solid font and i might try to make it later.

cell (at) cbn.net.id

Thomas Wild

For more information and hi-res-images, mail to t-wild@web.de

Lynn Bycko

This is just a prototype, quick and dirty! I wanted to combine an assassin's tool (shurikin, since ninja seems to be a popular direction) with the Apache feather.

Stéphanie Moisan

(stephanie at mailme.org)

Walter Kobylanski

We can provide it in any format you need. (walter at studio.st)

Simon Rycroft

Hope you like it! If you do... simon_at_netexplorers.co.uk

Simon Rycroft

A bit more corporate I guess and illustrates what SpamAssassin actually does. simon_at_netexplorers.co.uk

Amber Reed


Doug Rigby


Contact: Doug Rigby - doug |at| neteller.com

José Manuel Macías

For a composition with different versions of the logo, please follow this link. For .XCF and .SVG source files, please send me an e-mail.

Contact: Jose Manuel Macias - jmanuel (dot) macias (at) gmail (dot) com

Rick Robinson

rick (dot) robinson (at) terraaccess (dot) com

Brent Kennedy

bkennedy ( AT ) scsorlando ( DOT ) com

Ivan Onatra

ionatra@cable.net.co ivanonatra@yahoo.com www.onatras.com


jurko ET szm DOT sk

Michael Douma

Walter Kobylanski has one of the most innovative logos. Here is an idea from MichaelDouma for making Walter's idea a little more friendly by adding colors, using a more serious typeface, and rotating the @/shuriken slightly. (If his logo is chosen, Walter surely could offer other ideas.)

Josh Tarchuk

Preserves the continuity of Apache Software Foundation



I'll refine it later. All images will be availible in vector formats. Apparently 'killing' is out. So here's a fun one. If all else fails, I have a new messenger display picture:

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