The nightly mass-check setup on the SpamAssassin zone,, uses helper "slaves" to actually scan the mail in order to reduce CPU load.


Here's how to set up a new slave.

  • Install perl, and all of SpamAssassin's required modules, and whatever modules are required for "mass-check" (see MassCheck) to operate.
  • make sure SpamAssassin's "make test" of current SVN trunk passes.
  • Create a user called "mccli". It does not need a password. This is the user the mass-checks will run as.
  • Generate an SSH key for that user:
  sudo -u mccli -H bash
  ssh-keygen -t rsa
  • Add the master server's SSH key to '~/.ssh/authorized_keys':
  curl > ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • Ensure the new slave's SSH server is accessible to the net, and allows logins as "mccli".
  • on the Zone, test it:
  sudo -u bbmass -H ssh echo tst

You will be prompted to accept a new host fingerprint; you should then see the string "tst".

Once this works, edit trunk/build/nightlymc/clienthosts in SVN, and add the login username@host to the list:

The new mass-check client should be used in the next nightly mass-check (depending on when the "nightly" tag is applied).

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