New versions

When is the next version of SpamAssassin going to be released? The exact schedule depends on a number of factors and is hard to predict. If you are keen to see pre-release versions, keep in mind that WeLoveVolunteers, and there's lots of DevelopmentStuff.

The news page contains the list of release dates nowadays.

ReleaseGoals lists the times releases are intended to be started.

How are versions numbered?

Versions are denoted using a standard triplet of integers: MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. The basic intent is that MAJOR versions are incompatible, large-scale upgrades of the API. MINOR versions retain source and binary compatibility with older minor versions, and changes in the PATCH level are perfectly compatible, forwards and backwards.

  • The major version number increments upon significant architectural changes or the achievement of important milestones in capabilities. The minor/mode version number increments as progress is made within a major version.
  • The patchlevel number increments for small sets of changes, providing the most fine-grain timeline of software evolution. Patchlevels increment regularly for internal/development(odd minor level) work, but only increment for external releases when an official update to the previous release version has been tested and packaged.

When a version is almost ready to be released, it is called a "release candidate," (RC), so the version will be numbered something like, "3.0.0-rc3." Generally a final version is released within a few weeks of the RC versions.

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