The SpamAssassin Site Contest



OK, we've been doing some thinking, and we think the SpamAssassin project needs a new web site to replace the creaky old one, especially now that we are part of the Apache Software Foundation and we have a new logo.

  • Submitting your idea...
    • Submissions: If you have an idea to submit, please go to SiteContestEntries and append a link to the bottom of the page.
    • The contest is open until March 31st, 2005.
    • Entries are accepted from everyone, and you can submit as many entries as you like.
  • Selecting the winner...
    • The community is invited to offer discussion/comments/feedback/etc.: SiteContestDiscussion.
    • Everyone can vote, but the SpamAssassin development team will choose the winner. (wink)


Submissions need to meet these criteria:

  • good appearance with graphical browsers (especially, Mozilla and Internet Explorer on 800x600 screen or larger) and usable with text-based browsers
  • good maintainability using text-based source for site, can be maintained via Subversion, may not depend on proprietary tools (you can use proprietary tools to create an initial site, but they can't be needed to make any further updates and the HTML code must be editable using standard text editors)
  • the winner would have to be happy to assign rights to the image over to the ASF so it can be used freely by SpamAssassin, permission given to use it in books, on merchandise, etc. Authorship, however, is preserved – and we will credit the designer in the CREDITS file in the distribution and on the website. (This is performed using the ASF's Contributor's License Agreement; see for details.)
  • integrate our current logo, pay attention to correct usage of "Apache" and "SpamAssassin" trademarks (the current site is a bit off in this respect).
  • all of the main pages need to be done, but some pages (more than one level deep) can be left out if; also if you would like feedback before completing an entry (with just a few pages done), please feel free to make an initial incomplete submission
  • static content: no dynamic stuff like PHP, CGI, etc.

Judging criteria

Submissions meeting the requirements will be judged on meeting the following criteria:

  • simplicity is good
  • design and appearance (nice looking, but not too complicated)
  • ease of navigation
  • A more standard set of top-level pages (we are very flexible on how this is done, the end goal is a better site). For example (in no particular order):
    • Download
    • Products/Solutions
    • About Us
    • News/Events
    • Support
    • Initiatives
  • a plus: willing to help install/integrate new site into our Subversion tree
  • See also the SiteContestDiscussion


We had a very successful logo design contest and the winner was used, but we do reserve the right to declare the current site the winner if none of the submissions are better than the current site. We very much doubt that will be the case...

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