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SpamAssassin is a powerful spam filter software. However, it is not easy to use for Windows users. Now with SpamArrow, it is a piece of cake to use Spamassassin with Outlook Express or Outlook.

SpamArrow works as an add-in of Outlook Express and Outlook. After installation, Spamarrow will add toolbar to the main window of Outlook Express and Outlook. and the Outlook and Outlook Express inbox will be protected by SpamAssassin. When email is coming, it will be identified with Spamassassin, if it is a junk email, it will be moved to a special folder named 'SpamArrow'. In order to get the most powerful spam filtering from SpamAssassin, Spamarrow can help train good and junk emails from the folders you specified.

Furthermore,comparing to other methods, SpamArrow doesn't use any mail rules or proxy settings. All spam filter is done automatically.

Based on the open-source mail filter app SpamAssassin,SpamArrow ranks with the market's most effective antispam utilities.Without any customization, it blocked 95% of spam.

Besides the powerful features of SpamAssassin, Some Features of SpamArrow include:

(*)Tightly Integrated with Outlook Express - Easy to use Spam Blocker for OE

SpamArrow™ adds four toolbar buttons to your Outlook Express interface. You can easily use the toolbar to fight spam. Everyone can learn how to use it within minutes. With a few mouse clicks, your inbox will be clear.

(*)Zero Configuration Spam Blocker

SpamArrow™ is designed for easy using: no configuration is needed. All you have to do is to download SpamArrow™ and install it. That's it. Your Outlook Express inbox will immediately be protected from spams. No complicated settings and no interference with existing email or network settings. However, for advanced users, the SpamAssassin™ preference can be adjusted in the same way as under Unix enviroment.

(*)Accurate and Smart Spam Blocker

Just install SpamArrow™, without any configuration and training, more than 80% spams will be filtered out from your inbox. With continue using, SpamArrow™ will automatically learn from your preference and get smarter and smarter. Very high accuracy can be achieved after using it for one or two weeks. You may also train the filter engine from the beginning and get high accuracy instantly.

(*)Keep your Message Unchanged

Unlike most spam blocker software products usually do, SpamArrow™ will never modify your original email message. Most spam filter software will add a special mark such as '***spam***' to your email subject line and use Outlook Express internal Message Rules to move the marked junk emails to the special 'spam' folder. This will cause problem while some legitimate emails are mistakenly identified and marked as spam. For example, when you reply the email marked as ‘Spam’ and forget to modify the subject line, the email receiver will never receive this email if he or she uses the same spam filter software. Obviously, this email will be automatically moved to the 'spam' folder as the result of the mail rule pre-defined by the spam filter software. If your friends reply to this email fortunately, you will find this email in your 'spam' folder too due to the same 'Spam Mail Rule' reason.

SpamArrow™ spam blocker will never add message rules to your Outlook Express. Your email message will keep as the original. That's an exclusive feature of SpamArrow.

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