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Sending Spam to a Quarantine

SpamAssassin itself just tags the messages it scans as spam or nonspam; if you want to quarantine spam, you will need an add-on product that does this. Here's a list (please expand it if you know of more!)

  • : Maia Mailguard is 'a web-based interface and management system for the popular amavisd-new e-mail scanner and SpamAssassin. Written in Perl and PHP, Maia Mailguard gives end-users control over how their mail is processed by virus scanners and spam filters, while giving mail administrators the power to configure site-wide defaults and limits.'
  • or : 'SAQ is a SpamAssassin Quarantine system that picks potential Spam emails out of the mailstream and puts them aside. Recipients receive daily reports about quarantined emails with a link to click on if they wish to recive any particular email in their inbox.'
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