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Here is a brief explanation of how to test [SpamAssassin] to make sure it is working. h3. Sending yourself "spam" will not work {{{if you're not a spammer and the message was solicited and it wasn't bulk and it wasn't commercial then it ain't spam}}} *So don't send yourself "spam" and expect [SpamAssassin] to agree!* h3. During installation If installing from source, before running "make install", run "make test". h3. After installation Send yourself GTUBE, the Generic Test for Unsoliticed Bulk Email: Due to a bug in some versions of [SpamAssassin], don't send it using your own account if you are using the Auto-Whitelist. Send it using a throwaway account or just delete the auto-whitelist file after sending the test. If [SpamAssassin] is working, the message will be marked as spam. Note that [SpamAssassin] only marks messages as spam and that how it does this marking may be affected by your front-end. If you're not using the "spamc" or "spamassassin" program and are using a third-party front-end (*especially amavisd*), then it may not be completely obvious how spam messages are handled.
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