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How do I tell whether rules in my user_prefs file are active?

When SA is working well, the user_prefs file is referenced for parameters (such as Bayes on/off), score adjustments, blacklists, whitelists, and the like.

However, according to rules are not executed from user_prefs files unless a) the allow_user_rules setting allows this (rare), or b) you execute SA directly rather than through spamd/spamc.

To verify whether rules within user_prefs are executed, in that file create a rule like:

header    L_TO_ME   ToCc =~ /gordon\@csse\.uwa\.edu\.au/
describe  L_TO_ME   Email addressed to me
score     L_TO_ME   0.010

(Use your own email address instead of Gordon's.)

If the rules in your user_prefs file are active, this rule's name should fairly quickly be displayed in the SA headers of emails addressed to you.

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