This document describes how to update the Sqoop project website (

You first need to check out the contents as follows:

$ svn co sqoopsite
$ cd sqoopsite
$ mvn site

Once done, you should be able to preview the site in your browser by pointing to /.../sqoopsite/target/site/index.html

This is only for updating the docs on the website. Once you have the contents checked out, you can modify them as needed:

  • From, download the bin (e.g. sqoop-1.4.1-incubating__hadoop-0.20.tar.gz) and not the src (e.g. sqoop-1.4.1-incubating-src.tar.gz), which doesn't have the user and dev docs in HTML.
  • Strip out the 'man' dir from the 'docs' dir before uploading to the website.
  • Having a broken Sqoop logo in your local build (e.g. file:///Users/<username>/sqoopSite/site/target/site/index.html) is expected behavior.
  • Don't delete the old docs and bits in src/site/site.xml and src/site/xdoc/index.xml - just add in the new ones.
  • Don't forget to copy and paste in the release notes.
  • Note that if you aren't a Sqoop Committer, you'll need to file a JIRA to request a Committer deploy your changes. In your JIRA, be sure that docs.tar.gz is attached separately, which needs to go in site/src/site/resources. Also, you'll need to attach a patch of your changes, as shown below:
    cd /Users/<username>/sqoopSite/site
    svn update
    mvn clean
    svn diff > ~/sqoopSite/SQOOP-xyz.patch

Sqoop uses CMS with Maven to publish its website:

This step can only be done by a Sqoop Committer.

  • Modify the files that you need to change and then commit them back using svn commit.
  • Go to the buildbot site to see the build output. If it is successful, you can proceed to the next step. Otherwise fix what is broken and recommit.
  • Go to the staging site and verify that your changes have taken effect.
  • Go to the publishing site, log in using your Apache account, add a log message and click submit button.

Your changes should be live shortly thereafter.

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