1. Identify a topic - check out past blog posts for inspiration.
  2. Research the topic - dig through code and documentation. Bounce ideas off the Sqoop community.
  3. Craft a first draft, preferably with diagrams.
    1. Google Docs is a good staging area.
    2. In your blog post, be sure to preface the first mention of "Sqoop" with "Apache" - i.e. "Apache Sqoop (incubating)" as well as mention the disclaimer "Sqoop is currently undergoing incubation at The Apache Software Foundation. More information on this project can be found at http://sqoop.apache.org/
  4. Send your draft to dev@apache.sqoop.org to have it reviewed. Incorporate as much feedback as possible.
    1. Best to send a link to your Google Doc because ASF limits attachment sizes.
  5. Finally, ask one of the Sqoop Committers to publish your guest post on http://blogs.apache.org/sqoop/.
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