Some common practices that would make the reviewers happy when reviewing sqoop code

  • Do not send large patches ( A patch that is more than one page is frowned upon!). Break down the problem into as many granular sub-tasks  as possible. See SQOOP-1350 as one such example, there are other good examples too of course. None of the RBs should ideally exceed more than a page, unless it is renaming or huge refactorings.
  • Do not send a RB without a link to the corresponding JIRA ticket
  • If there is a design wiki for the feature, please add that link to the RB so it is easy to get high level view of the do and don'ts. Kindly read the 
  • Follow the Sqoopesque religiously, no questions asked. If you find a new Sqoopesque, please leave a comment in that wiki 


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