Before entering Apache Incubator, Sqoop was hosted and managed as an open-source project by Cloudera. Since incubation, the code and other project artifacts have transitioned over to Apache infrastructure.

Mailing Lists

The Cloudera Mailing lists used for Sqoop project are deprecated in favor of Apache Mailing Lists.

Deprecated Mailing List

Apache Mailing List

To subscribe send mail to

Jira Migration

Cloudera hosted Jira for Sqoop will continue to operate in limited read-write mode going forward. This allows existing issues to be edited but attaching files to issues or creation of new issues is not allowed.

  • For creating new issues, please use Apache hosted Jira for Sqoop.
  • To provide a patch for an issue that exists in Cloudera Jira, please do the following:
    • Create an issue in Apache hosted Jira with complete details of the original issue.
    • Attach your patch to the newly created issue.
    • Add a comment to the original issue in Cloudera hosted Jira that provides a link to the newly created issue on Apache hosted Jira that has your patch.
    • Continue issue related discussion on the Apache Jira.

Note: Please do not create new issues in Apache Jira that backlink to issues that exist on Cloudera Jira.

Code Review

For all code review requests, please use the Apache Review Board. Reviews hosted on Cloudera Review Board will remain there but should not be used to do new reviews.

Code Migration

Code from Cloudera's GitHub repository was migrated to Apache SVN on 23rd July, 2011. Relevant details:

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