The list below contains a proposed set of compiler requirements for future releases of the Apache C++ Standard Library. These requirements are features that were not ubiquitous across compilers in the past as they are in modern compilers. As such, the corresponding configuration checks for such features can be ignored and feature support can be safely assumed when writing new code.

  • Intrinsic bool type and true, false keywords (_RWSTD_NO_BOOL)
  • Namespace lookup (_RWSTD_NO_NAMESPACE)
  • Explicit template arguments (_RWSTD_NO_EXPLICIT_ARG)
  • Empty member initialization (_RWSTD_NO_EMPTY_MEM_INITIALIZER)
  • Partial class template specialization (_RWSTD_NO_CLASS_PARTIAL_SPEC)
  • Inline class template member functions (_RWSTD_NO_INLINE_MEMBER_TEMPLATES)
  • Class template specialization syntax (_RWSTD_NO_NEW_CLASS_TEMPLATE_SYNTAX)
  • Function template specialization syntax (_RWSTD_NO_NEW_FUNC_TEMPLATE_SYNTAX)
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